Geotechnical Engineering Services

GN Northern’s geotechnical engineers and engineering geologists have completed comprehensive soil and groundwater investigations for projects ranging from small-scale residential site studies to major industrial facility design, providing innovative and dependable recommendations to safely and efficiently complete design and construction. 

Working as a primary consultant or as part of a design team, GN Northern engineers provide services based on the unique needs of each project.  By balancing the client’s plan with the site conditions and local requirements, we are able to provide guidance and recommendations throughout the design and construction process and help our clients achieve their project goals.

GN Northern has provided geotechnical engineering services for numerous projects, including:

  • Hospitals, Medical Office Buildings and Clinics;
  • Wind Energy Farms;
  • Public Schools Remodels and New Construction;
  • Residential Lots and Subdivisions, Resort Developments, Wineries, and Dairy Farms;
  • Commercial High- and Low-Rise Office and Retail Buildings;
  • Industrial Facilities such as Feed Mills, Grain Terminals, Storage Warehouses, and Food Processing Centers;
  • Public Facilities and Infrastructure including Wastewater Treatment Plants, Water Tanks, Underground Utilities, Fire Stations, Bridges, Roadways, Airports;
  • Utility Projects such as Power Plants, Electrical Substations, Power Transmission Lines and Gas Pipelines;
  • Communications Towers.

Geotechnical investigations are overseen from start to finish by a registered Professional Engineer who is fully involved in the development of the site investigation, field exploration, evaluation of the field and laboratory testing results to develop appropriate cost-effective design, and construction recommendations.  Our engineers remain available throughout the design and construction process to address any questions which may arise or to address changes in plans and conditions.

Our geotechnical engineering staff is experienced with a broad range of services.  We can provide expertise in areas such as:

  • Foundation Design
  • Subsurface Investigations
  • Retaining Structures
  • Settlement and Subsidence Analysis
  • Excavation Shoring and Bracing
  • Soil Improvement Techniques
  • Dam Stability & Seepage Analysis
  • Pavement and Subgrade Design
  • Critical Area Analysis
  • Seismic & Liquefaction Analysis
  • Slope Stability Analysis
  • Geophysical Surveys
  • Groundwater Management
  • Soil Stabilization & Geosynthetics

Additional Geotechnical Soils Engineering Serveries offered by GN Northern:

  1. Insurance Related Claims/Services - Forensic Engineering for Foundation Settlement/Concrete Cracking, Soil washout-Erosion from water leaks, broken water lines, etc…
  2. Geo-Hazard Analysis for Steep Slopes, Erosion - Land Parcels in Critical Areas Map
  3. Seismic Refraction Survey - Re-evaluate IBC Seismic Site Classification  
  4. Soils Liquefaction (from Earthquake) Testing and Analysis
  5. Earthquake/Seismic Fault Studies
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