Company Overview

GN Northern's geotechnical engineers, engineering geologists and environmental staff have completed comprehensive soil explorations, groundwater investigations, hydro-geological studies, environmental site assessments, and hazardous materials surveys that have provided dependable results and design and construction recommendations. GN Northern personnel are dedicated to providing high quality engineering, consulting, testing and inspection services in today’s complex regulatory environment. 

Our staff has provided services across the western United States for projects ranging from small-scale residential and commercial development to major industrial projects. Our senior staff has up to 23 years experience in design and consulting, and our engineering technicians and special inspectors have an average of 12 years of construction  materials testing and special inspection expertise.

GN Northern’s network of offices in Washington and Oregon are a valuable resource in staffing your project. 

We have the resources to successfully complete both small and large projects effectively within the stated budget.

Our combined geotechnical, materials testing and environmental capabilities allow us to support projects from site selection, through the design process, and all the way through completion of construction

Each project, no matter how small, is assigned a Project Manager who maintains a liaison with the client.  A multi-level pier review process assures quality.  With larger projects, a team approach is adopted.  While a single manager still maintains client contact, we work together to bring the capability of our combined resources to bear on any problem.  This approach allows effective use of our resources minimizes overhead and keeps us extremely responsive and price competitive

The resources that GN Northern provides in cooperation with the owner's project manager, engineer, and architect can assist in successful completion. 

A strong project management concept is followed from the start to the completion of the project.

GN Northern is unique in our ability to assemble a team comprised of experienced, qualified and dedicated geotechnical engineers, geologists, scientists and engineering technicians/special inspector.  The recommended scope of work is well thought-out based on site specific conditions and the unique aspects of the project. Our work plan, approach, and procedures assure accurate and consistent results. 

We will work diligently to present recommendations to provide the best value to the owner.

We have successfully demonstrated this situation on several projects in the past and notably during the construction phases of the Portland Light Rail Airport MAX and the Chemical Agent Disposable Facility at the Umatilla Army Depot, a five year construction project with price tag of over $850 million for example. 

We will maintain a level of communication such that all parties are well informed about the project status.  This will be done verbally and by the use of email, fax, and cellular phones.  Our project manager and support staff will be available to answer questions during all phases of work.

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