Environmental Consulting Services

GN Northern’s environmental scientists have provided consulting services for numerous projects, by identifying, mitigating, and monitoring hazards associated with properties throughout the Pacific Northwest, and Wyoming. 

Our staff members have provided services for a variety of clients including private landowners, commercial and industrial companies, government agencies, banks, realtors, and property managers.  The common goal for each project: to identify appropriate actions and address concerns in a cost-effective and efficient manner while ensuring compliance with legal standards and protecting our clients’ needs.   

Each environmental project is completed by identifying the unique features of the site, its past, present, and proposed uses.  By discussing identified concerns with our clients, studying relevant legal requirements, and learning the client’s intentions for the property we are able to develop site-specific solutions to any identified issues and present our clients with multiple alternatives for meeting the needs of their project and the requirements of the law while minimizing impacts not anticipated in the original project scope.

Our environmental consulting staff is trained and experienced in a range of consulting disciplines.  Services we often provide include:

  • Site Assessment (Phase I and II)
  • Soil and Groundwater Sampling
  • Site Remediation
  • Long-Term Monitoring
  • Underground Storage Tank Services
  • Monitoring Well Design/Installation
  • NEPA Reviews
  • SEPA Reviews
  • Mine Reclamation Plans
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Health & Safety Planning
  • Stormwater Control 

Other environmental consulting services are also available based on the specific needs of the client, site, project, and local regulations. 

All of our environmental professionals have completed at least 40 hours of OSHA Hazardous Materials training in addition to their experience working on contaminated sites.  We also have staff members certified as Underground Storage Tank Site Assessors and as AHERA Asbestos Inspectors.  We can also draw support from our geotechnical engineering department, which is sometimes helpful for completing complex subsurface investigations and for design of remediation and long-term monitoring systems.

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